Saturday, January 15, 2011

Optimists Are...

People often tell the optimist that they should be a pessimist or a realist because bad things will inevitably happen to them and they will only get disappointed in life by expecting the best. I disagree.

Indeed bad things do happen to the optimist. They get disappointed, rejected, disgusted, and devastated. The only difference between the optimist and the pessimist is that unfortunate circumstances do not cause the optimist to give up on expecting great things out of life. The optimist does not act like they do not believe good things will happen to them because they DO believe good things will happen to them. The optimist does not say there is no way they can make a difference in the world because they DO believe they can make a difference in the world. The optimist believes they can change a person’s life for all eternity.

So no, Mr. Pessismist and No, Mr. “Don’t have expectations” It is you who are wrong. Many of the optimist’s dreams never come true, many of their goals are never achieved, but many of their goals ARE achieved. Many of the optimist’s dreams ARE made manifest, and it is only because the optimist had the courage to dream them. The ones who despite everything are still crazy enough to believe they can love deeply, and change the world are the only ones who do. The optimist does get hurt, but the optimist is strong enough, competent enough, and brave enough to deal with those disappointments when they come, and unlike the pessimist they do not let the bad in life stop them from achieving, hoping, working toward, and believing in great things.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Days are to be lived alone
A Phoenix flying on her own
All emotions left my eyes
through the heavens, I will fly

You could cross seven seas
yet from you I would turn to flee
Your plans are sure to go ary
for Like a Phoenix, I will fly

Forget the sugar and the spice
Ive become the Queen of Ice
Though your words may flow like art
Nothing will ever melt my heart
To not want or not care
is to feel as light as air

All I wanted was to be loved
wrapped in your embracing hug
My dream of this has been denied
what one cant have, theyd best despise.
No more weak to loves highs
like a phoenix, I will fly

My heart has turned to ice so fierce
My heart you will never pierce
The world is mine to call my own
Escape from all the pain Ive known
To know charm is to know lies
I prefer open skies

I rise from ashes of shattered dreams
Things are never as they seem
A survivor, yes. But Unscathed no
This pain I wish Id never known

My heart first frozen and then closed
dreams of love have been disposed
If all is fair in love and war
I do not want love any more

The pain of love is akin
to sharpend blades piercing skin
never again will I try
To be alone, is to not cry
Like a Phoenix I will fly

The Me I Wish to See

Better than I was yesterday
Yesterday better than before.

Keep growing, keep reaching
I grow stronger and braver
My knowledge constantly expanding
My possibilities abounding
Each day another open door.

Today is the best me there ever was
From now on each day a new me will rise
Better than the me before

I will not wonder who I could have been
Or what I should have done before
I will not let past regrets consume me anymore.

When it is finished, When my course is done
It will be the me I wish to see
Reflected in the mirror that hangs upon my door.

Property of the State....Who Cares!?!?

My drivers license has officially been suspended. This is due to about 3 years worth of accumulated statist garbage tickets that I have failed to legitimize by paying (I will pay it soon and my drivers license should be restored shortly). Who does the state think they are to tell me whether I can or can not drive? Im the one that pays taxes to build the road I drive on. And why do I have to register my car with the state? I hate this, I hate slavery: This is slavery. It is my road that I pay for, so long as I am not violating someone else’s personal space I should be able to drive however I want to. People are so stupid they accept and LOVE their servitude, we are supposed to THANK the police officers as they write us tickets, we are supposed to THANK the state as they steal money from our pay check.

If I have to register my car with the state of Virginia simply to drive it, then it is NOT MY CAR. I simply paid a fellow slave $600 worth of federal reserve notes in order to buy my chevy lumina, but I don’t actually own it. If I were to choose not to pay the registration fee, I would be locked in a cage like an animal. Why would I register something with the state of Virginia if I owned it? If I have to register my car with the state of Virginia, then Virginia owns my car. Virginia is just gracious enough to let me use it, so I can drive to work, in order to provide the state with 25% of my paycheck so they can pay for the pad the police officer uses to write me tickets on. We are paying people to steal our money.

Why does no one seem to care? Why does no one stand for principle? why does no one care about the freedom, liberty, and justice this country was founded on!? This country is filled with a bunch of fat slobs too preoccupied with sex and beer to care about anything like righteousness, like freedom…who cares about these things when we can watch the real housewives of orange county?

And if you say anything even remotely intelligent or blatantly obvious, your fellow slaves are trained to call you “negative” or ”judgmental” Who cares that money is taken from my paycheck every month so that my government can fund a military machine that blows up brown people over seas and harasses people who are simply trying to get from point A to point B on the road!? hehe no biggie!

HA and what is HILARIOUS. Is that I am often told to “get a life” by pseudo intellectual losers who have never left their home town or read an actual book ( and no twilight & Harry Potter don’t count) yes, these are the people telling ME to get a life! I lead one of the most exciting and interesting lives I know of. And some reality tv obsessed loser with a car filled with mcdonalds hamburger wrappers is telling ME to get a life!?! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING overseas, we are being robbed and our currency is about to reach the value of toilet paper. Do you not realize these are the things you are SUPPOSED to care about, NOT a mosque, NOT kardasian sluts, NOT twilight.

The sheep Just keep popping their Prozac, and drinking their fluoridated water and pretend like everything is ok. if something doesn’t affect their life directly they just don’t care, As long as THEY don’t lose their job, as long as THEY can still pay the bills, as long as THEIR family members are not unjustly killed in a war, then they don’t care. A selfish narcissistic society is one that cares the least about the death and destruction that happens to others. How backwards is our society when the ones who love others enough to care are the ones called “hateful” just go back to sleep.


The ENDA Freedom Bill

Last week I overheard as two men discussed the ENDA bill (Employment Non Discrimination Act) and how it is necessary because certain states have instituted laws that GASP ... allow employers to hire and fire who they want to.

In certain states employers are allowed to not hire someone based on their sexual orientation. EX: if a cross dresser comes in to apply for a daycare position, the employer has the right not to hire them because they feel it is inappropriate to hire a cross dresser to care for children, and it could negatively affect business. ( I certainly wouldn’t send my kids there)

The men's argument for the bill went something like this:

“states are passing laws to allow businesses to discriminate against gays, and since that is so against what our country was founded upon the federal government feels as though it has to intervene. we cant support discrimination blah blah blah.”

Lets break this down:

1) So this country was founded upon FORCING employers to hire homosexuals??? wth?

Ii thought it was founded upon freedom, wouldn’t allowing employers to hire and fire who they please be an expression of freedom?? not only that, but most states during and after our founding years had life imprisonment &/or death penalties for sodomy and these laws were supported by our founding fathers.

I don’t exactly call that "gay friendly" our country was founded on many things.... but i cant seem to find the words "give all homosexuals jobs" anywhere in the constitution. You can give your reasons for or against gay rights, but I’d stay away from the argument "this is what our country was founded on" because if you are “pro gay” you definitely don’t want us going there.

2) Why can’t we support discrimination? ok i get that gay people can’t resist their "feelings" This is no different than stupid people who can’t help being stupid. Does this mean we should hire morons as brain surgeons for the sake of "equal rights"?.... or should we use a little discrimination and decide against that? Most people have set personalities, yet we dont have laws saying we arent allowed to discriminate against hiring unpleasant or boring people. (they cant help it they are boring)

Our founding documents grant us "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness", not the guarantee of happiness, and if being "homosexual" prevents someone from getting a certain type of job, then that’s no different than someone who was born with a low IQ having certain limitations on their job options. Gay people earn more than almost any other demographic, i am sure they can find a nice gay friendly job somewhere else.

If you have a conservative business and all your other employees are straight males with traditional values, a gay person would make everyone on the job uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be best for the employer to hire someone who fits their company better?? I see nothing wrong with discrimination in this context. That is like telling someone they HAVE to let someone in their home they do not want in their home. It is their home and they have a right to say who goes in there or not. It is their business; they have a right to say who works there or not.

I am not trying to make comparisons between gays and other minority groups... but even if someone chose not to hire someone because of their skin color or gender I think that should be allowed,

ex 1: a woman wants to start her own company and hire an all female staff... are you saying shes not allowed to do that???

ex2: A latino organization wants to bring on a new staff person as their spokesperson, are you saying they dont have the right to give preference to a fellow latino??

I am NOT saying I think that would be right or good for them to do so, I personally believe "all white" or "all latino" or "all black" groups are pointless and counterproductive, but it is THEIR RIGHT.

3) Doesnt our constitution support states rights? This is no business of the federal government whatsoever.

Just look at the idiotic arguments for this bill. It says this is not about “gay rights” but about “universal rights” because if a heterosexual was not hired at a gay bar because of their heterosexuality they could sue too!! < I am not joking. That is a literal argument for this bill.