Monday, October 29, 2012

Vote Nobody 2012

On this election day in 2012 I will be voting for nobody. The picture below quite eloquently explains my reasons why:

It is rather insulting that our established government acts as though it is giving us a choice by choosing between mass murderers A and B. Yes, I personally believe Mitt Romney would be the lesser of two evils, however since when is "less evil" good enough? Have our standards gotten that low? Ron Paul was the only even remotely legitimate candidate running for office, and we shouldn't settle for anything less. Lets let the system know we will vote for principle by voting for no one at all. So long as we are willing to accept evil nothing will ever change.

Both candidates support indefinite detention, both support their own forms of socialism and obamacare, both support the patriot act, both perpetuate war, both have supported the killing of innocent human life through the process of abortion, and its time we say enough is enough, given the choice between two evil men IS NO CHOICE AT ALL. Let us not play along and act as though we believe it is.