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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Liberty: It is not that complicated!

I really dont know how Ron Paul does it, arguing with idiots all day and somehow managing not to go ape shit on them for their ignorance. I can not express how frustrating it is to have such amazing ideas that could so thoroughly revolutionize the world, be so uniformly misunderstood. What I am about to say is an extremely EXTREMELY basic principle, and it is not that complicated.

Libertarians believe in personal liberty and freedom. This does NOT mean they agree with the actions of everything they think should be legal, or that they do not support something simply because they do not feel it should be government funded. They simply believe in a very very small, limited government, that doesn't really play a role in people's day to day lives, and has very little power outside of the justice system. (Other parts of the "liberty movement" believe in no government at all.)

Gay Marriage
 With all the hoopla that went on about Phil Robertson saying his comments on gays, many who are incapable of thoughtful analysis and principled concepts, took my support of Phil Robertson to mean I think the government should be involved in marriage and tell gay people they "should not be allowed to get married."

Do you really think on that shallow of a level? Because if so, that is scary. You do realize you could be a GAY PERSON and still support Phil Robertson's right to speak freely without being publicly chastised?  You can also be the most gay hating person in the world but still understand the dangers of allowing the government into something as private and personal as marriage, and because of that believe gays should be allowed to get married.

Just because you morally oppose something doesn't mean that you think it should be "illegal" is that really so hard to understand? Libertarian Christians especially understand the dangers of allowing the government into our churches, the same power they use to stop gays from marrying could be used in a short amount of time to stop Christians from marrying... No thank you!

Likewise, you can HATE prostitution, heroin, gay marriage and alcohol yet still think the government should not be involved in criminalizing those things due to the infringement on our personal liberty such laws would create.

DUI Checkpoints: 
Another often misunderstood example; DUI checkpoints. I am morally opposed to DUI checkpoints because they are an infringement on the right to privacy of every person the police question throughout the night. This is not Nazi Germany. We should be able to go from point A to point B without getting harassed and questioned by police, especially without probable cause. Because of my stance on this issue I have had people act as though I want people to drive drunk and kill people!

 NO, just because I do not think the police have the right to stop old ladies coming home from bingo on Friday night does NOT mean I support people getting wasted and endangering/violating the rights of everyone they jeopardize with their irresponsible and reckless behavior.  All I am asking for is a respect of our basic human decency and rights as individuals. If someone is driving like a moron swerving drunk all over the road, by all means pull them over and kick their ass while you are at it! But no, I do not care who you are, NO ONE, especially not a police officer, has the right to stop people at random, force them to roll down their window, and answer questions without you being a suspect and there being a damn good reason!

Government Run Public School System:
Many believe that because libertatians do not support a public school system or a welfare state, they are "against education" and "want poor people to starve and die." You do realize countries with the largest welfare states have the most impoverished citizens right?

I LOVE education, and when I say love it I mean I LOOOOVE it. I spent my evenings after school and homework reading "a book a day" (most of which were well over 100 pages) throughout grade school, and volunteered to do 12 page projects on the solar system "for fun".

 In middle school  I agonized over writing plots in English, submerged myself in reading,  and poured my heart into my paintings in art class. In College I became obsessed with current events, social issues,  economics, and Geo-politics. After all nighters in the library, I would head to Barnes and Noble, to get as many books as I could afford on the subjects just because I wanted to better understand them. I'd have lively conversations with my professors, and chase them down after lectures just to pick their brains, talk philosophy, and discuss ideas. I am currently working toward my Graduate degree in English, not for a job, but simply because I love learning, I love writing, and I love literature. 

With all that said, I do not think the government should have a role in the public education system, because I do not think there should be a government run "public education system" It is nothing more than a co-ed prison system for children to go to during the day. They are all taught the exact way, to think about the exact same subjects, all taught not to question, all taught to sit still, all taught to be the same cookie cutter version of each other. There is no diversity, the learning is shallow, it teaches children what to think, not HOW to think, not how to question. Because it is government run, it instills in children, a dependence and trust of the government that is neither deserved or warranted. Thus, resulting in the apathy we see today, as people across the country do not bat an eyelid or even mind as their privacy is violated, as their information is stored, as their freedom is stripped away by their "beloved and just government". 

"Well if there was not a government education system, wouldn't there be many kids from poor families who would never get an education?"

The answer is "Far less than there are today!" Churches would offer educational programs, charities and non profits would take donations teaching those whose parents can not afford tuition. The internet would make education easily accessible and affordable for everyone. The number of families homeschooling would quadruple, children would be taught by their own parents, with the values their parents believe are right, taught in ways their parents deem acceptable, not what some stranger government worker deems acceptable. Diversity would thrive, as children from all different cultures and belief systems would be able to cultivate their unique talents, and foster the uniqueness of their cultures. Ideas would flourish, because they would be given the freedom to flourish, without the burden of making education "one size fits all" We would regain a sense of community, compassion, and care for our neighbor, because there would no longer be the "government safety net" that took 40% of the money we would have shared if we had been given the chance. How it would look on the outside would be very similar to what we have today. There would be large institutions paid for and run by charities and non profits open to all ( just as government run public education is open to all) , some children taught at home, some at specialized schools, but it would be a VOLUNTARY exchange. One that allows education the freedom it needs to thrive. As someone who loves education, that is pretty cool!

Is this really so complicated? We should live our lives FREE of the government. Meaning there will be things we disapprove of but due to individual rights we still believe the action we find immoral should be legal. There can be many things we think are WONDERFUL such as charity, education, and feeding the poor. Yet even though we support these things 100%, we believe they should not be government supported. This is because of individual freedom and the freedom that would be taken from the individual by taking their property (ie wages via taxes)  to subsidize such programs. Taxation is theft, as it is money taken from business owners and individuals by the government against their will for things they possibly do not even consent to. Regardless of if they do or do not consent,  the government still takes this money, ie this "property". We believe the government should have nothing to do with even "moral" causes or social programs. At the same time we can  disagree vehemently with things like prostitution, drug use, and gay marriage, yet believe they should remain legal.

We have the freedom to choose how to live our own life. We have the freedom to fail and the freedom to succeed, we have the freedom to starve or gorge. We have the right to decide what we put into our own bodies, We as individuals have the right to decide how and in what way we want to educate our children. We have the right to our own property, we have the right to our own privacy. We have the right to keep the fruits of our own labor. We have an obligation to help our neighbor, and we should, but no government, no man on this earth, has the right to steal from one to give to another as he deems fit.

Restore rights to the individual, restore power to the people. Let us be the governor of our own lives. With freedom and liberty there is responsibility.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty and the War on Christianity in the Marketplace of Ideas

 Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard the news that A&E indefinitely suspended Phil Robertston after giving his opinion on homosexuality for an interview with GQ Magazine. linked here: GQ Interview with Phil Robertson

You have probably also heard that as of yesterday, a mere 9 days after A&E announced their decision, leading to what can only be described as all hell breaking loose, they retracted their decision, and have since allowed Phil Robertson back onto the show, and plan to resume filming, with all cast members included as normal.

I suppose I really shouldnt be surprised by this sort of thing anymore but I truly can not get over the hypocrisy, oppression, and "group think" of the liberal mafia. Does a company have the right to hire and fire whoever they want based on their beliefs; of course. I believe companies should be able to hire, fire, serve, or not serve whoever they please. I believe very strongly in that because I believe in property rights. The issue is more than that, who needs a government to silence the population when we have a culture and a media that silences, vilifies, and minimizes all those who do not "fall in line", or anyone who has an opinion outside of those force fed to us in public schools?

I didn't really care if A&E reinstated Phil or not, seeing as if they did not allow him to return, another network would simply pick up the show. I absolutely support Phil Robertson, and even joined the facebook group to boycott A&E unless they reinstated him, but regardless of their decision, I knew the family and show would be fine and simply move on to bigger and better things if it was infact cancelled (due to the fact the family would not continue the show without him), I believe Phil has every right to say and express his beliefs, just as A&E has every right to hire and fire whoever they please. my issue was more so with the demonization and hatred hurled at him in the subsequent days following the interview for speaking basic christian beliefs. 

Liberals and the LGBT community have a free pass to say whatever they want. They are applauded by the mainstream media as "heros" while bashing christians, calling them bigoted, hateful, and speaking about how  christians destroy society and culture. Yet the one time a christian respectfully and lovingly shares their view, they are demonized. I have never even seen people react so violently to one man's opinion. If you claim to be a christian, and believe the bible in regards to homosexuality, these people literally want to destroy your life!

They want you fired and ostrasized from your job and any potential employment, by this, I mean, they want you living on the streets begging for a penny!

They want your friends to disown you

Your kids to hate you

Your wife to leave you

and for you to die alone and miserable covered in boils.

What is wrong with these people? 

Not only is the LGBT community the most falsely "oppressed" group I've ever heard of, (although feminists claiming all the injustices done to them by men are a close second) but they stand for zero diversity in ideas.

This reminds me of Carrie Prejean, (The Miss USA contestant) who simply answered a question when asked about her opinion on gay marriage. She was clearly a very classy and respectful woman, and the media truly wanted to destroy every aspect of her life. They dug in her past and released sex tapes of her, pundits spouting diversity and "tolerance" went on national media calling her a whore and a bigot. She was robbed of her title and called every vile utterance known to man. - This is the LGBT activists idea of "stopping hate"?

Why would it matter anyway? People are far more than a few opinions they may have. Even if there is a horrible belief someone has for example: A man raised in a super health conscious family having a disdain for fat people and expressing that.  - Do you really believe because of his one opinion he deserves to die by knife wound to the heart? That same man could be a loving husband, father, a great provider and brilliant thinker.

Even if Phil Robertson believed something horrible such as racism, so what? Trust me I hate racism more than almost anyone you can think of, and plan on adopting children from both Africa and Asia, but I am certainly not going to hate a sweet old man, simply going along with the way he may have been taught. Many racists are that way because it simply was what they were taught growing up. They can still be loving husbands, providers, thinkers, and loving kind people. They just have a backward world view of some issues. What is wrong with people that they would attack someone for a belief that most in his demographic and age range hold? There is no tolerance here for other backgrounds or beliefs, no compassion for humans, no human dignity.

How can we evolve and solve problems like war, famine, racism, and debt, when the politically correct police seek to destroy anyone who dares to have the "against the grain" thinking that could solve many of our problems?

When Natalie of the Dixie Chicks spoke out against the Iraq war in its onset, she was destroyed for her belief. She  only wanted to see an end to killing and war, and didnt want innocent people dying for unjust reasons, and yet because she stood for peace her record sales dropped, she was banned from radio stations and Dixie Chick memorabilia was burned at the stake (literally).

What if instead we had just let her hold her view, giving others the strength and confidence to hold their own without fear of reprimand or chastisement? We probably would have woken up to the disgusting nature of the United States military much sooner, and hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved. Women who are now widows and children who are now fatherless would have their husbands, and fathers at the dinner table with them right now.

It is very apparent these groups don't even care about the cause they claim to care for so dearly. If they truly cared, they would be open for discussion, they would want opposing viewpoints to be heard, because discussion is a way that leads to the truth. These people do not stand for truth.  Their true cause is to see the death of Christianity and everything wholesome, pure, and productive that has led our nation into prosperity. Their support goes instead to everything that has led our culture to the morally bankrupt, vapid, debt ridden country we see now.

Why would A&E feel as though it even has to consider removing the words "In Jesus" from the family prayer? - We are not even to mention the name of Christ? The culture and media has made it top priority that so much as the very confession of being a Christian should be deemed as "politically incorrect"

What is most appaulling is that his statements really were not even controversial, he simply stated that to him the fact that a man can be attracted to another man doesnt even seem logical, because women are so much more desirable to men.

wow - Scandelous!!!

I am pretty sure any man who is not gay feels that way, otherwise they themselves would be gay because they would find men more desirable. People all across America are probably sitting at home thinking "wait, Im a christian, I agree with what he said, wow, I didnt realize my beliefs were so controversial and offensive, I better never share them."  The media and the left are sending a message, and using Phil Robertson as their example. "Fall in line, deny the bible, agree with us, abandon your convictions, or be destroyed."

This truly saddens me, especially because this country was founded so people could have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the ability to believe what they want.You would think the result would be a culture who cherishes diversity and unpopular opinion. The mainstream media is so out of touch with the demographic of society that goes to church and has family values that they don't even realize we exist. I think they thought all of America would jump on the bandwagon, at the evil, bigoted, racist, mean, christian Phil Robertson being "exposed" as the scum he is. I imagine groups such as Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson is Returned to Duck Dynasty came as a complete shock to networks, for generating over 1,700,000 likes, 1,000,000 of them within the first 24 hours.

Now the media is trying to turn the knife on this guy, they must somehow turn him into a villian, because anyone who is a christian and doesn't support homosexuality has to be painted as a "bad guy" He is not only being painted as hateful and ignorant, but now also as a racist. Reporters take simple statements such as this:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

And turning it into statements about his character such as "He is claiming to know exactly what the black experience was like during that time" or " I didnt realize he was an expert in the experience of blacks"


The message is, if you are Christian and believe the bible,  you are ignorant, arrogant, racist, and a horrible person who needs to be "told" (For things you more than likely didn't even say)

When did he claim to be an expert in anything besides duck hunting? He was just talking about what he witnessed in his youth. This is him claiming to be an expert?  His words are manipulated and twisted by media outlets to make it appear as though he said things he simply did not say. Hell even if he had claimed to "know the black experience", even if had said a diatribe of "ignorant" things, who cares? Why are you getting mad at and bullying someone who very clearly is a loving, gracious, and kind person - something the author of the GQ article himself even recognized.

Anyway, after the Robertson family released their statement, saying they would not continue the show without Phil, and after the ratings dropped, A&E made the decision to bring him back on.  :The Robertson Family's official statement

I suppose this is a somewhat "happy" ending to a story that serves to show how marginalized and hated Christianity has become in modern culture. Let this be a reminder to us to brace ourselves, hold on, and stay strong.

"The fact that the Illuminati and the mainstream media mind controllers hate Christians, Jesus, Conservatives, Christmas and Family Values, speaks volumes about their Satanic agenda and why we should oppose these demons with all our strength". - Mark Dice

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SHAME on you

Shame is absolutely one of the lowest vibrational states in existence, it's power to paralyze is paralleled to none. Shame may seem like something that merely controls people on an individual level. It may seem it has nothing to do with our society as a whole. Because shame is something we feel so personally, it's hard to see it for the tool of control and manipulation that it is. It is hard to see how it is used by the government, society, and major corporations as a means to keep us quiet, obedient, unquestioning, and consuming.  Sure, it may seem like I am over reaching here, but how else can you describe an entire nation of people who don't even question going into endless wars with people who we do not even hate?

 How is it that several generations have bought into the idea that government is always right no matter how much it serves to strip us of our peace and prosperity? How did we become a nation that was once willing to give up everything we had for our freedoms, yet we now hand over our liberties and freedoms at even the slightest hint of a "threat"? How is it that we have created an entire generation that is losing its individuality and diversity? Everyone is to have the same values, the same morals, believe the same about historical events and how they went down, students are poured into public education where rooms full of children are taught the exact same things interpreted the exact same way. No questions please.  We have nation whose houses were once filled with talks of political revolution, world events, religion, love, and philosophy, and now those same homes are filled with their new generational counterparts, where speaking of such things is "rude" and one should instead talk about the shoes they want and where they are going for vacation.

This did not happen overnight, but through a very gradual slope of shaming those who question and stand out in any way, and a very gradual slope of shaming the very things that keep a nation and peaceful world running. I'd like you to take note of these various forms of shame and you will see, it's no "wild theory", but something that happens to us constantly, every single day of our lives. Let's begin with the media, and you can see for yourself how this slow yet consistent shaming has served to completely destroy the culture and diversity of our nation. 

The Media

One of the first ways the media serves to shame you is through fashion and and idealized vision of what "beauty" is. If one is ashamed of their own self image, it is far less likely they will feel as though they are even a capable or a worthy enough tool for creating change in the world. Fashion is the perfect tool for shame, it changes every season and is completely subjective so there's no way to argue.  If you are out of date you are no longer "cool and hip" but outdated and "stupid". So incase you were wondering... all of your clothes suck.

 To prove it, we will bombard you with thousands of images a day of ridiculously good looking people wearing clothes that are better than yours. Want some nikes? Are you going to the sale at Macys? Are you really going to let your friends at school make fun of your jeans? Of course not! What's a few dollars if it can help avoid public humiliation and who knows, maybe even make people like you? Who cares about Syria, when we are having a JEAN CRISIS here people! 

Ok, so now that we have established your clothes suck, it's time to let you know you are also fat. You think you are in good shape and your doctor tells you are within a healthy weight range?... haha thats cute. You're still fat. So now spend alot of your time on gym memberships and diet pills, this *may* lead to eternal bliss. 

So, now that your shirt is stupid and you are fat, it's time to tell you how ugly you are. I know your husband tells you, you are pretty, and when you go out into the "real world" it actually seems like you are downright attractive, but you are just comparing yourself to other ugly people. Beauty only exists in .5% of all human beings. They have perfect symmetry (and lives) and somehow these .5% of people make up 99% of the television and advertising you consume on a daily basis. You don't look like that. You are ugly. 

So, now that you are ugly, fat, and your clothes suck, what was your opinion on our education system again? What was that philosophical stuff you were saying earlier? You actually think as a fat, ugly, stupid person you have the right to an opinion? You should be way too ashamed of how you look to worry about things like having an opinion, please leave that to the prettier more qualified people, K thanks. 

You can say this is an exaggeration, but its not. I can not even tell you the times I have seen videos of people sharing the most beautiful words I've ever heard about life, the world, and the betterment of our society, only to look down at the comments section and see a slew of comments telling this person "You're fat, shutup and go eat a cheeseburger"  or "What a stupid tacky shirt" or "he's/she's ugly"  As though you don't even have the right to speak unless you fit some idealized vision of beauty that those criticizing you do not even possess. However, since they do not show their face, we all of course know that *were* these criticizers to ever post a video themselves they would look absolutely perfect, but it just so happens they haven't so we arent able to see how "perfect" they are.

 As long as they don't try anything, as long as they never put themselves out there, as long as they never form long developed opinions on issues, there's nothing to criticize, they hold the "moral high ground" and are the "perfect" people who pass judgement on those who are actually in the ring, being present to the world, and living a life. It is much easier to criticize someone else's work, to sit back and say "you could do something, if you put your mind to it" than to actually do it, As long as you never put forth effort you can still live under the umbrella of illusion that were you to ever put forth effort, YOUR work, your thoughts and your appearance would be perfect. 

moving on.... 

So now that the media has you educated on your terrible wardrobe and fat ugliness, its time to make sure you stay down, waaay down. It's time for us to make sure you spend most of your spare time watching garbage, when one flips through the channel they are given choices between reality sitcoms and base entertainment that makes us feel ashamed just for watching it. At the same time we subconsciously know we are wasting our time filling our heads with fluff and garbage and the details of someone else's life that we will never meet. While such shows are something no one really WANTS to want to watch, they still watch, and  vast majority of what is on fits the description of shows we dont want to want to watch, but want to watch..

 Have you ever gotten up from watching the television and had a slight "guilty" feeling for wasting 30 minutes of your life, watching something you cant even believe you were bored enough to sit through?  You have? Wow, not only do your clothes suck, but you are fat, ugly, AND wasting your life?. what a pathetic loser. What were you saying about our currency again? Because we all know a fat ugly time wasting loser has *all* the answers. 

Modern Social Conditioning

Moving on to the second tool for shame: Modern Social Conditioning.

Being accepted by those around us is an important part of the human experience. No one WANTS to be ostracized or hated. We want the people around us to like us, "get" what we are saying and "get" what we mean, relate to us, and likewise share their thoughts and experiences. So what better way to do this than to assume anyone who disagrees with you hates you, shun anyone who says something you find "rude" and ensure anyone with a novel idea feels ashamed, humiliated, and stupid. Oh also, the sex tapes, don't forget the sex tapes. If anyone says something you don't like make SURE to find an old sex tape of them and broadcast it on national TV. K. Thanks. 

We have seen this time and time again. 

Natalie of the Dixie Chicks dared to utter the scandalous words "I'm ashamed to say George Bush is from Texas" as we were entering the Iraq war. A public figure sharing her genuine feelings about a knee jerk war that would end countless lives and cost Americans trillions of dollars? Wow, that's kind of cool, I'm sure a very thought provoking dialog on the issue among-st the American public ensued. 

Oh wait, that's not what happened?   

Calls flooded into radio stations demanding the heathen woman be removed from the air. Callers said very mature things like "We should strap Natalie to a bomb and blow her up over Iraq" There were public Dixie Chicks CD burnings where hundreds of people gathered to crush her C.D.s pour gasoline over Dixie Chick memorabilia and light it on fire while cheering and dancing. She was publicly chastised, ridiculed,called a slut and a whore. 

The message was clear, sure you can say your true thoughts about the administration if you really want to, but prepare to be destroyed. To see such hate hurled toward a woman for merely expressing her opinion taught everyone that such an opinion is NOT ok to have. Who needs to have a government enforcing censorship? Instead we can use an education system that teaches children from a young age that anyone who expresses politically incorrect opinion is an evil American hating monster, and get the people to mute the voices of dissent themselves like a bunch of programmed psychopathic zombies. 

Here's another example, in 2009 a beautiful young woman named Carrie Prejean took the stage of the Miss USA pageant. She was asked by one of the judges to express her personal opinion on the legalization of gay marriage in America. Miss Prejean answered the question with grace and tact saying that she thought it was great we lived in a country where people could choose, but in her personal opinion marriage should be between a man and a woman. A thoughtful dialog ensued over cups of tea, some saying they agreed with her response, while others said they disagreed and explanations were given as to why. Everyone respected her right to her own opinion, thanked her for her honesty and continued to treat her like a human being with basic dignity and respect.

oh wait...that didn't happen. 

Twitter went wild with people calling her bigoted, and an idiot. Her worth as a person was minimized as men wrote that the drop dead gorgeous blond was "ugly" and "not that hot anyway" The judged who had asked her for her opinion went on a viral rampage on the audacity of her to honestly answer the question. She was called a whore, a slut, a cunt, hateful, and a hypocrite. She was stripped from her title as Miss. California, and a sex tape was leaked of her to prove that she wasn't really a good conservative girl but a dirty whore who dared to have an intimate relationship with her boyfriend. Intimate details of her life were analyzed and broadcasted on national news. All this, literally for answering a question. She never once said she was "perfect" never once claimed to be a saint, never once even told people how to live their lives, just simply expressed the opinion she was asked to give. 

Again, the message was clear. Fall in line with this agenda, agree with the politically correct crowd on this issue or be crucified.You are a christian? You have conservative views? You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed of who you are, what you believe, shutup, and think about what you've done. Isn't it great to have a choice? 

At some point in our society, it became the assumption that "if you disagree with me, it means you hate me." This has destroyed dialog, and desecrated any possibility for people to discuss the important moral, religious, and political issues of our time with any sort of freedom or candor. Every opinion is given with the possibility of  severe harsh and detrimental repercussions. Topics of any weight are now riddled with anxiety and it simply does not even seem worth it to express your thoughts or exchange ideas, and the result is we don't. Instead we talk about football, and shoes or we discuss the "heavy issues" in a very superficial way without really delving deep or really saying much of anything, and as a result nothing much gets said. 

If you are against a war you are told to support, you should be ashamed, you American hating bastard. If you are a christian you should be ashamed for your bigoted disgusting intolerant world view, If you still support gun rights you are a closet domestic terrorist who is more than likely a closet homicidal maniac. Anything beyond milk toast pseudo "controversial statements like " I respect all religions" and " I respect my president" and "let's all volunteer together and sing kumbaya" "I stand for hope and change" is to be shunned and shamed as hate speech. 

Our society is now built on a basis of never speaking beyond broad generalities, a society that avoids discussing what these statements actually mean, and what the execution of ideas like "peace" and "diversity" really look like. This is shutting down discourse, shutting down diversity, and the end result is Justin Bieber.  

Truly, what our society upholds is figures who really don't talk about anything, are milk toast, and make us think "controversial topics" are "what team are you supporting? Do you agree with twerking? Do you REALLY like the new red Nikes more than the blue? 

Just because something is the "popular" opinion does not mean it is right by any means. Hitler was voted man of the year by Time Magazine during his reign. He was widely supported and praised.Those who dissented were viewed as unpatriotic cowards. Natalie of the Dixie chicks was crucified for expressing her disdain with our invasion of the middle east, yet we would all be much better off now, if we had just listened and allowed people the freedom to express ideas and discuss the issues without getting death threats. 

As in the case of Carrie Prejean, your past will be used against you. People will bring up that guy you kissed for 12 seconds in the 8th grade, the fact you got fired from a job 3 years ago (however they will forget to mention you immediately got hired at a much better job) They will use past opinions against you (because we all know human beings NEVER change their opinions or beliefs). In reality who cares? Is all this really worth destroying our society and world. Who cares who someone was 2 years ago, what matters is who they are now, heck who even cares who someone was 2 weeks ago! I have honestly had people hate me so much for my disagreement with the military industrial complex that they have told me they will not tolerate associating with me and blocked me from facebook, only to have the exact same person two years later re add me and say "oh yea, by the way, I totally agree with you now,  how ya been?"

I've had people taunt my religious views only to tell me months later that something I said "got them thinking" and now they agree with me. 

I've known people who were such hardcore christians that they went on mission trips abstained from sex and drinking only to stumble across them a few months later to find they are a hardcore atheist. 

How do I know people can change? Because I've experienced it myself. I used to be a hardcore supporter of the war on terrorism and the war on drugs only to find myself a hardcore advocate against those things a matter of years later...why? 

Because of discourse, because of the ability to freely express ideas and each passing day come closer to the truth. 

I had a friend come to me once telling me he was ashamed and embarrassed because he had supported harsh treatment of immigrants into this country. He was one of those "go back to your own country" type guys. A few years later he had completely changed his mind on the issue, and regretted his previous actions and beliefs. I responded by telling him he had no reason at all to be embarressed, that as human beings we grow and evolve and that is nothing to be ashamed of, its something to be proud of, that even when he was supporting the wrong thing atleast he had picked a side, atleast he wasnt afraid to stand up for what he thought was right, atleast he was still out there, involved in my society and community and trying to make the world a better place the only way he knew how at the time.

The things I was wrong about slowly became revealed to me and when that happend, when the facts proved otherwise, I didnt scoff and pretend I didnt know better, I simply changed my position. So dont let people make you feel like you do not have the right to believe something you believe simply because 7 years ago you believed something else, 

 Whether it is bringing up your past, calling you names, or minimizing you, the truth is if you stand for anything these days, you will at some level feel the wrath of our modern societal conditioning. Most likely the novel ideas of our time that could truly turn around our economy and lead us into a more peaceful and loving society, are ideas that the vast majority of people will initially be averse to, and hate. Why? Because they are different. You can not get out of a situation with the same level of thinking you had upon entering it. We have to stop the shame. Expressing a belief should never cause you shame, it should make you proud, make you happy, make you free, that you are a person who can stand by the courage of your convictions and possess the patience to understand it will take time for people to understand you and see the truth of what you say. Your truth will be shown over time. 

I love the way this is expressed in the novel "Atlas Shrugged". The heroine, Daphney Taggart was a well educated woman who was confident enough to trust what she knew to be true. She risked everything she had on building her railroad line with the "controversial" rearden metal. She knew what good metal was, she knew rearden metal was the strongest, cheapest, most durable metal on the market. Scientists told her she was crazy, that "studies show" the metal is unsafe, and the entire scientific community was in 100% unanimous agreement that the metal was dangerous. None of it mattered, because she knew it wasn't true, she knew time would show she was right, and took on the challenge of proving the world wrong. 

"Never Apologize For Being Correct 
Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you
for speaking the truth. For being correct. For being you.

Never apologize for being correct,
or for being years ahead of your time.

If you're right and you know it, speak your mind.
Speak your mind.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."

~Mohandas Gandhi

Success (Or lack thereof)

 Our third and final tool of shame used in American culture today is a distorted view of success and failure.
This is the belief that in order to have value as a human being, in order to be a person worthy of thoughts and opinions you must first rise to a certain level of "success" One problem, This success actually has only been attained by maybe 4 people in the history of all the world (one of which is Bill Gates, and maybe Mark Zuckerberg). By all means, listen to these guys, they are the only two people in the world today who have any intelligence or are worthy of an opinion.  Our culture has us so convinced that we must attain some high measure of success in order to be worthy of a voice, an opinion, love, and happiness.  Let me shoot out a few examples....

I was watching a really inspiring and insightful video by Will Smith, (you know, the multimillionaire actor) His advice could have been given by anyone and still rung true, because the subject matter of his discussions were universal truths. I scroll down to see comments expressing in various forms the following:

 "Who does this guy think he is? All he is is some stupid actor and he thinks he has the world all figured out."

So if Will Smith, a multimillionaire with fame, fortune, health, and a beautiful family is not "successful" enough to have a voice, then what does that say for you and I?

In order for the state to continue its power we can not feel as though we are worthy human beings, with infinite value. The goal is to make the standard of success seem so high, that no one can reach it, Then our society will be so filled with people scraping and clawing to reach some sad form of validation that they don't have time to care about the world around them. It is completely self absorbed. What does an unconfident discontented person do? They buy and consume.

Who cares who Will Smith is? Why does it matter? Who does he have to be in order to be worthy of an opinion? The truth is he can be anyone, he does not have to obtain some level of success to be allowed a voice, and neither do you. Our voice is our birthright, it is not something earned. 

Did your boyfriend break up with you? loser. Did you lose your job? Have you considered suicide? You lost all your money in that "dream business" of yours? haha, I knew you'd never amount to anything. Have you ever accomplished anything in your life? I know you have a beautiful family, and all your needs met, and your standard of living is higher than 90% of all people in the world's population (many who live off $2 a day), I know you say your so "fullfilled" from all your "mission work" and volunteering,  but have you reeeally accomplished anything?? Did you invent facebook? yea, didn't think so, go kill yourself.

Exaggeration? This was actually a comment from someone on an article I wrote on peace in the middle east:

 "Wow, there are people in the world who have actually accomplished something like Mark Zuckerberg who invented facebook, what have you ever done? NOTHING!!! go die!!!"

What is it that I need to accomplish in order to be worthy of an opinion? Especially now that facebook has already been invented. Humanity is screwed!! No one will ever be worthy of an opinion again! Except maybe Bill Gates...maybe.

What do people do who do not think they are worthy of a voice? What do people do who think they are failures? They get a job they are overqualified for, they clock in, they dont ask questions, they acquire just enough intelligence to complete their assigned job in order to pay their taxes, They become completely consumed in their own drowning pathetic lives and die having never stood for anything, never really having done anything, and never actually accomplishing anything because what is the point in trying anyway? Its not like you will ever be as rich as Bill Gates.

Even me, who enjoys a very high standard of living, a beautiful family, and tons of friends is called a "failure" by these standards, don't get excited, you are too. (unless you are Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg) then your ok.

People who are confident and happy with their lives, people who understand the blessings they've been given in life, people who see their lives as valuable, people who see themselves as a minority of one, people who see themselves with the power to change the world, don't shut up and follow the status quo if hey think it is wrong. This is why the state and the media will do whatever it takes to ensure you view yourself as a failure, as inadequate, Who are you to say anything? Who are you to change anything?

Who are you not to?

Career gains, a beautiful family, health, vacations, accomplishments, believe me, are wonderful, but they are not the be all end all of happiness. Jesus Christ started a religion that would spread across the world and he died single, broke, and hated. Do not let anyone make you buy into this notion that unless you've achieved some great accomplishment you don't have the right to a voice. You were born with that right and don't let others shame you into thinking otherwise. It is a huge lie, the more you gain, the more you will want, as we simply get accustomed to new standards of living and that becomes our "normal" causing us to need more to get the same high. If you are depending on such things for your value or self worth, it will never satisfy you and will never be enough. ever.

The shame is used to control you, to keep you in fear, to keep you from thinking you are valuable enough to make a difference. The power of a single human being is infinite, that is something that if we all realized this world would be a very different place. It starts with you, yes you the poor kid, yes you the overweight girl, yes you the girl with sex tapes on the internet, yes you who used to have dumb beliefs, yes you with last years fashion, yes you who didn't invent facebook. You.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why DUI Checkpoints are Unconstitutional and Wrong

The issue that many constitionalists, libertarians, and limited government supporters have in regards to DUI checkpoints is not that they "prevent drunk driving" because of course no one wants drunk drivers on the road. The issue is that checkpoints are a violation of our forth amendment rights. And if stopping all drivers on the road is ok then so is police randomly raiding old ladies houses to make sure there are no drugs, or patting down everyone who enters a mall to make sure they don't have a bomb. If the forth amendment is not respected there is no end to how intrusive things could get in the name of keeping us "safe" as there are millions of dangers in the world.

Most who oppose checkpoints believe that police don't have the right to stop a car unless they have reason, Ex: the car is swerving. If they are pulling everyone over then it's not BC the car is acting suspicious but bc they are doing it to everyone. It's very disrespectful to both the individual and our constitution to interrupt drivers who are on their way home or work without cause. But most are up set BC of the violation of the constitution it's kind of like that Ben frank quote "those who would give up essential liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both.


I would describe myself as a conservative libertarian. I am personally conservative but believe the government should be as limited as possible and stay out of peoples everyday lives and be as decentralized as possible. This is even more apparent in my views on foreign policy, especially in regards to the issue right now regarding Syria.

I do see this going full force, and unfortunately see our government stretching its imperialism even more into other countries, however this action is so blatant that it is serving as a catalyst to wake many people up. Conservatives and liberals alike are banning together to say enough is enough, one war was able to be explained without people raising eyebrows, two wars with a few questions and objections, but this situation with syria is showing people how insatiable the us military's appetite truly is. they can no longer "explain these things away". Let's use this as an opportunity for waking people up.

There is talk of a draft being reinstated in order to support the U.S. war machine, I do see a draft being reinstated, as more people wake up and want no part in a system that meddles in every country and serves as policeman of the world. However, I do not see a draft happening anytime soon, as there are still many willing volunteers, a draft would be many many years down the road, however when it happens, the results will be catastrophic. The parallels between Iraq and Syria is that the United States is sticking its nose where it does not belong, and once again using its military for a purpose it was not designed for. The purpose of the united states military is to fight and kill enemies who are an imminent threat to us and attacking us. Not to get involved in other wars, not to nation build and not to be policeman of the world.

When it comes to war issues, I honestly see no difference between libertarians and (principled) left liberals. Both want to see an end to the endless unjustifiable wars and crimes against humanity committed in our name. There not only is a "possibility" for meaningful and effective cooperation, but it is already happening. I have seen people at anti war and peace protests of all different political backgrounds. we are being brought together by the belief that human life is important, and we no longer want these atrocities committed in our name.

Both the anti war movement and our youth that would like to see peace in our lifetime need to realize that change starts at the individual level. We need to stop promoting the U.S. military and enlistment in the military and instead encourage entrepreneurship and education. We need to spread the word that there is nothing noble or honorable about joining the military in 2013. I think too many people are afraid to say this because it is so taboo. But you can not say you are against war, while at the same time congratulating and idolizing those who sign up to fight in these wars. It takes us all standing up as individuals and saying we will not take part in these wars at any level. Military service should be avoided and not looked at as a means of providing for ones family and paying the way through college. We also need to start paying attention to voting records of congressmen and make sure to hold those accountable who support military intervention and either vote for those who have a long history of supporting peace or not vote at all.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why Do Men Commit to Less Attractive Women?

I decided to write a blog on this subject because I have often asked myself this question.
 We all understand when we see a man who is a "great catch" with a gorgeous woman, it makes sense, all seems right in the world, but what about when we see the opposite?  I want you to put aside what the media says on this subject and look realistically at your own life. The idea that men are only obsessed with looks is simply not true. Do not get me wrong, men don’t want a woman who is ugly, but looks are simply a perk and not the determining factors for most men in relationships. Think of all the men you know who have casual encounters with many beautiful women only to never call them again, then you look at that same man two years later and he is married to a woman who is relatively plain in appearance. I’m sure all of us know at least one man who fits into this category.  The answer to this phenomenon is simple. Regardless of all the stereotypes out there, men to this day still DO truly care about what is on the inside, and the ones who don’t, you are not likely to be interested in anyway. 

While men may SAY and truly believe they want women who are all dolled up and spend hours on their appearance, the reality is that women who are not obsessed with shopping, fixing their hair, and caring for their appearance are often more confident and independent than their vain counterparts. Men SAY they want a beauty, but secretly wonder who the “dolled up” woman is trying to impress, and it ruins the chase for them.  More plain women must rely on their virtue, intelligence, and kindness to attract men, and therefore attract men who are looking for wives or serious relationships because those are qualities men want to carry on throughout the generations (yes even more than good genes). Women who treat themselves as objects, wearing short skirts, loads of makeup, and spend hours fixing their hair, end up getting treated as objects. Often these women are admired for their beauty, and no matter how untrue it may be, because of their looks, men assume they are not “serious” potential life partners.

Due to years of cheerleading, sorority life, and work as a part time actress, I have been surrounded by beautiful women most of my adult life. Throughout my years of observation I began to see a pattern develop, the most beautiful women I knew never seemed to have a shortage of “male problems” and heartache. I saw it time and time again, the class beauty would observe in shock, as the man they adored would leave them in leiu of a chubbier, plainer girl who had a “frumpy” sense of fashion.  All this after the beautiful girl had done “everything right” spending hours at the gym, confining themselves to the strictest of diets, and obsessing over their clothes and appearance.  

One theory explaining this is discussed in “why men marry some women and not others” by John T Molloy. Men would have to worry more about the attractive woman cheating on them, and know there will always be other men vying for the beautiful women’s affection.  You always know in the back of your mind other guys want her. So when it comes to settling down, men aren’t necessarily looking for the most attractive woman, but one who will be faithful.  By the very fact a woman does not put “much thought” into her outward appearance, it shows she is not looking for attention, and therefore less likely to stray.  (Again, I am not saying any of this is true, but what men subconsciously think and judge). did an article titled, “An Ugly Wife: The Benefits”  The article served as a way to explain, how a man can date so many gorgeous women, yet end up marrying a woman who is merely attractive or even less than average. Here are a few of the reasons the article gave.

1) A benefit of marrying a more plain woman is that she will be more likely to appreciate you, as she doesn’t feel entitled or expectant of your attention the way a beautiful woman would.

2. You will be seen as more genuine, as people will think you are the kind of guy who cares about inner beauty.

3. A good personality –She will have to develop a personality, this can also be found in late bloomers.  The models I was friends with had no desire or need to “work on their personality” as men flocked to them,  when you get constant reinforcement through laughs and kind gestures from men, on every social outing you go on, it makes it difficult and far less imminent of a need to work on ones personality. Hence why the men would ALWAYS be immediately drawn to them, only to stop calling and go for another girl a mere few weeks later. Under all the beauty there is often times simply no substance.

4. She is more likely to have similar interests. Women who are gorgeous often come from families who put a lot of thought into appearance and beauty, hair products, surgeries, pageants, balls etc. Women who are more plain tend to value other things and come from families who do as well. A plain woman may be extremely devoted to her religion, extremely passionate about a political cause etc.  While the beauty can entertain a man for a time, when it comes to picking a life partner, these things are extremely important to a man. If it comes down to it, a man would gladly choose a woman who shares his faith and interests and activities over a woman who is beautiful but which he has nothing in common with.

In the end, despite all the media hype and stereotypes Men are just humans looking for love and companionship in a mate. They truly do look for qualities such as virtue, whether or not a woman will be a good mother, kindness, and compatibility.  If you are a beautiful woman this is not an article “dogging” you, Men would LOVE to have a beautiful wife, but not at the expense of more important qualities.

An exception is in the case of obesity. While a man may not mind a few extra pounds, ( Trust me Brandon sticks by my side regardless of if I am 100lbs or 120lbs) most men, whether they are a “great guy” or a “shallow guy” do not want to be with a morbidly obese or even regularly obese woman, ESPECIALLY when looking for a life mate as those dangerous and destructive eating habits could be passed on to further generations, and can highly effect the kind of lifestyle and activities a couple can share.

This has shown to be evident in my own life as well, while I certainly think I am attractive, I am by no means a model or dropdead gorgeous. However Brandon has dated Hawaiian tropics models, models, gorgeous women who are 6 feet tall, and all around very beautiful women who are ten times more attractive than me. Yet when it came to who he wanted to share his life with, he chose me. Why? Because he truly values the interests that we share, he values that we come from similar backgrounds, and that he can talk to me and feel at ease with me. So there you have it, for those of you who have wondered why men simply don’t just marry the prettiest girl they’ve dated, its because they are looking for more than that. What a nice surprise.

If You would like to read more on this subject, I have attached a few interesting articles below.