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Duck Dynasty and the War on Christianity in the Marketplace of Ideas

 Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard the news that A&E indefinitely suspended Phil Robertston after giving his opinion on homosexuality for an interview with GQ Magazine. linked here: GQ Interview with Phil Robertson

You have probably also heard that as of yesterday, a mere 9 days after A&E announced their decision, leading to what can only be described as all hell breaking loose, they retracted their decision, and have since allowed Phil Robertson back onto the show, and plan to resume filming, with all cast members included as normal.

I suppose I really shouldnt be surprised by this sort of thing anymore but I truly can not get over the hypocrisy, oppression, and "group think" of the liberal mafia. Does a company have the right to hire and fire whoever they want based on their beliefs; of course. I believe companies should be able to hire, fire, serve, or not serve whoever they please. I believe very strongly in that because I believe in property rights. The issue is more than that, who needs a government to silence the population when we have a culture and a media that silences, vilifies, and minimizes all those who do not "fall in line", or anyone who has an opinion outside of those force fed to us in public schools?

I didn't really care if A&E reinstated Phil or not, seeing as if they did not allow him to return, another network would simply pick up the show. I absolutely support Phil Robertson, and even joined the facebook group to boycott A&E unless they reinstated him, but regardless of their decision, I knew the family and show would be fine and simply move on to bigger and better things if it was infact cancelled (due to the fact the family would not continue the show without him), I believe Phil has every right to say and express his beliefs, just as A&E has every right to hire and fire whoever they please. my issue was more so with the demonization and hatred hurled at him in the subsequent days following the interview for speaking basic christian beliefs. 

Liberals and the LGBT community have a free pass to say whatever they want. They are applauded by the mainstream media as "heros" while bashing christians, calling them bigoted, hateful, and speaking about how  christians destroy society and culture. Yet the one time a christian respectfully and lovingly shares their view, they are demonized. I have never even seen people react so violently to one man's opinion. If you claim to be a christian, and believe the bible in regards to homosexuality, these people literally want to destroy your life!

They want you fired and ostrasized from your job and any potential employment, by this, I mean, they want you living on the streets begging for a penny!

They want your friends to disown you

Your kids to hate you

Your wife to leave you

and for you to die alone and miserable covered in boils.

What is wrong with these people? 

Not only is the LGBT community the most falsely "oppressed" group I've ever heard of, (although feminists claiming all the injustices done to them by men are a close second) but they stand for zero diversity in ideas.

This reminds me of Carrie Prejean, (The Miss USA contestant) who simply answered a question when asked about her opinion on gay marriage. She was clearly a very classy and respectful woman, and the media truly wanted to destroy every aspect of her life. They dug in her past and released sex tapes of her, pundits spouting diversity and "tolerance" went on national media calling her a whore and a bigot. She was robbed of her title and called every vile utterance known to man. - This is the LGBT activists idea of "stopping hate"?

Why would it matter anyway? People are far more than a few opinions they may have. Even if there is a horrible belief someone has for example: A man raised in a super health conscious family having a disdain for fat people and expressing that.  - Do you really believe because of his one opinion he deserves to die by knife wound to the heart? That same man could be a loving husband, father, a great provider and brilliant thinker.

Even if Phil Robertson believed something horrible such as racism, so what? Trust me I hate racism more than almost anyone you can think of, and plan on adopting children from both Africa and Asia, but I am certainly not going to hate a sweet old man, simply going along with the way he may have been taught. Many racists are that way because it simply was what they were taught growing up. They can still be loving husbands, providers, thinkers, and loving kind people. They just have a backward world view of some issues. What is wrong with people that they would attack someone for a belief that most in his demographic and age range hold? There is no tolerance here for other backgrounds or beliefs, no compassion for humans, no human dignity.

How can we evolve and solve problems like war, famine, racism, and debt, when the politically correct police seek to destroy anyone who dares to have the "against the grain" thinking that could solve many of our problems?

When Natalie of the Dixie Chicks spoke out against the Iraq war in its onset, she was destroyed for her belief. She  only wanted to see an end to killing and war, and didnt want innocent people dying for unjust reasons, and yet because she stood for peace her record sales dropped, she was banned from radio stations and Dixie Chick memorabilia was burned at the stake (literally).

What if instead we had just let her hold her view, giving others the strength and confidence to hold their own without fear of reprimand or chastisement? We probably would have woken up to the disgusting nature of the United States military much sooner, and hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved. Women who are now widows and children who are now fatherless would have their husbands, and fathers at the dinner table with them right now.

It is very apparent these groups don't even care about the cause they claim to care for so dearly. If they truly cared, they would be open for discussion, they would want opposing viewpoints to be heard, because discussion is a way that leads to the truth. These people do not stand for truth.  Their true cause is to see the death of Christianity and everything wholesome, pure, and productive that has led our nation into prosperity. Their support goes instead to everything that has led our culture to the morally bankrupt, vapid, debt ridden country we see now.

Why would A&E feel as though it even has to consider removing the words "In Jesus" from the family prayer? - We are not even to mention the name of Christ? The culture and media has made it top priority that so much as the very confession of being a Christian should be deemed as "politically incorrect"

What is most appaulling is that his statements really were not even controversial, he simply stated that to him the fact that a man can be attracted to another man doesnt even seem logical, because women are so much more desirable to men.

wow - Scandelous!!!

I am pretty sure any man who is not gay feels that way, otherwise they themselves would be gay because they would find men more desirable. People all across America are probably sitting at home thinking "wait, Im a christian, I agree with what he said, wow, I didnt realize my beliefs were so controversial and offensive, I better never share them."  The media and the left are sending a message, and using Phil Robertson as their example. "Fall in line, deny the bible, agree with us, abandon your convictions, or be destroyed."

This truly saddens me, especially because this country was founded so people could have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the ability to believe what they want.You would think the result would be a culture who cherishes diversity and unpopular opinion. The mainstream media is so out of touch with the demographic of society that goes to church and has family values that they don't even realize we exist. I think they thought all of America would jump on the bandwagon, at the evil, bigoted, racist, mean, christian Phil Robertson being "exposed" as the scum he is. I imagine groups such as Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson is Returned to Duck Dynasty came as a complete shock to networks, for generating over 1,700,000 likes, 1,000,000 of them within the first 24 hours.

Now the media is trying to turn the knife on this guy, they must somehow turn him into a villian, because anyone who is a christian and doesn't support homosexuality has to be painted as a "bad guy" He is not only being painted as hateful and ignorant, but now also as a racist. Reporters take simple statements such as this:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

And turning it into statements about his character such as "He is claiming to know exactly what the black experience was like during that time" or " I didnt realize he was an expert in the experience of blacks"


The message is, if you are Christian and believe the bible,  you are ignorant, arrogant, racist, and a horrible person who needs to be "told" (For things you more than likely didn't even say)

When did he claim to be an expert in anything besides duck hunting? He was just talking about what he witnessed in his youth. This is him claiming to be an expert?  His words are manipulated and twisted by media outlets to make it appear as though he said things he simply did not say. Hell even if he had claimed to "know the black experience", even if had said a diatribe of "ignorant" things, who cares? Why are you getting mad at and bullying someone who very clearly is a loving, gracious, and kind person - something the author of the GQ article himself even recognized.

Anyway, after the Robertson family released their statement, saying they would not continue the show without Phil, and after the ratings dropped, A&E made the decision to bring him back on.  :The Robertson Family's official statement

I suppose this is a somewhat "happy" ending to a story that serves to show how marginalized and hated Christianity has become in modern culture. Let this be a reminder to us to brace ourselves, hold on, and stay strong.

"The fact that the Illuminati and the mainstream media mind controllers hate Christians, Jesus, Conservatives, Christmas and Family Values, speaks volumes about their Satanic agenda and why we should oppose these demons with all our strength". - Mark Dice

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  1. "Christians lovingly express their views".... Views such as: homosexuality is as bad as murder, beastiality....gays don't deserve to get married...gays are going to hell...etc ... Where's the "LOVE" in that?

    You're absolutely a bigot. I am not gay, but I support the LGBT community (why? because we're ALL FUCKING HUMANS WHO DESERVE BASIC RIGHTS). You people are disgusting to 1. hide behind the bible, and 2. to even believe in the bible. It's a story book. A vicicous one's full of hatred, rape, murder, racism, sexism, and homophobia. (Why is THAT pin pointed as the #1 sin, btw? There's plenty of "sins" I thought?)

    I cannot wait for religion to die out