Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Value of Limitations

Orson Welles once said "The enemy of art is the absence of limitation."
This quote relates not just to art, but to life as well. How much more beautiful is the life of a person who worked within limits than those who had no structure, no path, no plan with which to form their destiny.
I value the work and art of Leonardo Da Vinci so much more than i do someone that pours paint on a piece of canvas and calls it art. Anyone who buys that is a moron. But the work of Leonardo Da Vinci; every stroke was calculated,every figure measured for accuracy. The man worked within so many limits it was mind numbing. Yet instead of this resulting in a feeling of confinement or prison, working within limitations gives those who presevere a sense of intense liberation. It is the work a man does that gives him his freedom.

A man who will date anyone, do anything, take any job, eat anything pales in comparison to the man who set strict limitations upon himself. When you see this in the world... When you actually see a man who has lived his life in this manner it is one of the most beautiful things you have the ability to see on this earth, and it is rare.

The beauty of the man is so evident, the purity of his life so valuable... you see all those little things that we allowed to compromise on really WERE a big deal. You see all those dreams you dismissed could form your reality and realize how important to you they really were.

A man who will settle for nothing less than the woman of his dreams - he is limiting himself to but one person A man who will settle for nothing less than the optimum health - he is greatly restricting what he can and can not eat, do, and partake in. A man who will settle for no less than the fullfillment of his dreams will spend his life on a narrow path.

When humans are faced with limitations they are forced to use their creativity to compensate. The reason why people who become alcoholics at a young age are stunted in their emotional growth is because of this reason. All the times they felt awkward, alone, bored, and in the mood to socialize they had the option of alcohol. Someone who was not given the ability to drink will have to find other ways of coping with every one of the afore mentioned scenarios on their own. The time spent drinking with acquaintances could have been used to form true friendships, or develope an untapped talent or truth within that person.

If a person had to overcome no obstacles, endure no craving, or practice no form of self-restraint, there would be no beauty in the world. If no matter what we did it resulted in the same consequence, if no matter what we did it was deemed neither wrong nor right.. The tool used with which to measure a man would no longer exist. How easy is it to create a masterpiece with no limitations? it would be easy for anyone to succeed with unlimited resources, no rules, no restraints on his body such as weariness or hunger. It is how one deals with these limits, it is what he can or can not do when placed under limitations that defines him.

A fool deems something beautiful that takes no effort. it is the robbers and murderers and parasites to society that live their life by no limits. They value a man who can punch when he is angry, they value a man who can scream out his frustrations, they value a man who can murder the weak, rob the productive, and sleep with as many woman as possible, which takes no self control. None of the above utilizes the thing that is constant within all the things we deem as virtues or positives. Anyone who yearn to possess the fruits of virtues, yet glorifies the behaviors that destroy virtues is a fool. These men want the beauty that comes with limitations but are unwilling to endure them. They must deem the ugly beautiful in order to have any pleasure in life... hedonism is the highest form of self realization they can obtain, and indeed these poor souls are too easily satisfied.

We must be satisfied with nothing less. We must not lose our hunger, thirst, or desire for the highest beauty of all, the realization of oneself, we must desperately yearn in order to endure the self restraint, discomfort, and adversity required to obtain it.

I greatly value the life of those who have sacrificed. I greatly value the life of those who endured and never gave up, by nothing more than their existence they enrich my life and inspire the deepest emotions held within me. The man who faced adversity and ended at success is deemed higher than he who faced no adversity no limitations and ended at success. The child is a tyrant who was raised with no rules. But there is invaluable wisdom and beauty engrained in the child raised in a world that limited what was, or was not deemed "acceptable behavior."

The light within us is liberated and set free for all to see once placed within limitations. It is the creativity and action that results from adversity that extracts forth the beauty or hideousness within man.


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  2. The classical composer, Stravinsky, also said something similar. He said that, the more limits he had, the greater freedom he had...