Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Are Not For Sale: The Virtue of Freedom

The 13 colonies; one of the weakest and poorest nations in the world chose to go against the world superpower of the time, Great Britain. They must have felt what they were fighting for was of immeasurable importance to make this brave decision. At the time, this decision was one most would say could only result in death. In America today we have forgotten the desire these colonists had for freedom. We take the freedom, liberties, ideas they gave their lives for, for granted every day. But it is no longer about an arbitrary desire for us to have “more appreciation” for what we have. We are now not only taking the gift of freedom for granted, but as a country we are now slowly working to remove it piece by piece from existence. In this statement I am neither exaggerating nor partaking in negative thinking. In contrast I can find no words adequate to express how dire our current situation truly is.

Celebrities and politicians speak of the greed and inhumanity of capitalism, talk about the damage the industrialized world has done to the earth, and the need for economic restrictions. The celebrities and the politicians ride around in their private jets, using technology to amplify their voices in sold out coliseums, and profit millions from album sales. They denounce laissez faire capitalism: the very means by which their lives are made possible.

Political apathy does not come without consequence. With every law congress passes, gaining control on liberties, gun control, health care, education,& the free market. The masses mull along never sensing what they have missed, not realizing what has transposed. By ignoring the rights lost and the injustices done to others, they have given up the right to speak and live for themselves.

A government willing to increase taxes to the top 5% of Americans is a government willing to raise taxes on all Americans. People will maintain their apathy until the government comes after their tax bracket, until government control has run so rampant they will have little power to change what they before had the power to change. There is no freedom without economic freedom. There is no freedom without laissez faire capitalism. If the government has control over your money they have unlimited control over you. The parliament in Great Britain used taxes as a form of control over the colonies. The colonists saw this, and were disgusted by it. It was not “just a tax on tea” it was a rejection of their freedom.

There should be outrage when politicians speak of 3% tax increases on the wealthiest Americans because it is not just a “small tax increase” on “just the wealthiest”, It is a rejection of the freedom the colonists paid for with their lives. How disgusted would they be to look upon America today and see us trading freedom for frivolous securities, to see us trading freedom for a better road, trading freedom for a $3,000 tuition credit, to see us trading freedom for better computers in the classroom. We. are. not. for. sale.

Many who are not in the targeted bracket think this assault is of no concern to them. The governments attack on an individuals inalienable right to produce and make profit, is to declare war on the natural rights of all man kind, and therefore should be the concern of every man given the power of feeling. The colonists were able to break away from Great Britain to the refuge of America.. Only now, if America becomes ruled by an over zealous government there will be no America for us to take refuge. There will be no shining city on a hill, The world will have lost its freedom.

A government who governs our health care, and our education systems, and many of our corporations is potential for unlimited destruction and oppression. Hitler thought he was bettering the world by ridding it of “useless eaters” The government can feel the same way. What if the government truly feels using light bulbs will destroy the earth, so they charge us a fine in order to use them, or worse do not let us use light bulbs at all. If they have control over our jobs, health, and schooling we would have no choice but to oblige. What if the government feels that the world is becoming over populated and therefore says people over 75 should not receive healthcare, or a woman who has already had 2 children must abort her third, despite her religious or personal desires and beliefs. What if the government finds an idea or a book too dangerous for its radical views and bans it from the school libraries. What if a life changing invention never sees the light of day because it did not pass the governments regulations on what sort of things deserve funding. The airplane phone internet and electricity would have never been realized, Such inventions actually working would have seemed unrealistic and not worth government funding.

Many felt that Great Britain had served to protect the colonies, but Thomas Paine felt it was only during times that served Britain’s own self interest. With events such as the Boston Massacre, Britain was not only failing to protect the colonies but was attacking them. Just as now or in the future we may benefit occasionally from a politician seeking to fulfill a political agenda. The occasional gain is worth no merit, because a powerful government feeds on freedom. A powerful government would only serve the individual when doing so bettered a political self interest. Therefore no government seeking more power than necessary to protect our inalienable rights, should be trusted. Anything beyond national defense and protection of individual freedom is a perversion of the ideal government, and something lusted for by those hungry for power.

For these reasons the United States must reject now, the imposition of a powerful government. As stated by the founding fathers, government has a responsibility to protect the rights of its people and should it abuse that responsibility the people have a right to rebel against the government. Government has no place in economics, school, or health care. Many think the sacrifice of economic growth that would result from a tax increase, may be unfortunate but worth the security it will bring to the people of the United States. It is these people who miss the point. Economic growth can not be sacrificed for security, for economic growth is security.

The Boston Tea Party, The American Revolution, The signing and composing of the Declaration of Independence were all formed as a rejection to the grossly imposing form of government the current administration is striving to create. It is with remembrance of these great historical events there is hope we will soon unite under the ideals so many have died for, No man should ever be rendered incapable of reaching his noblest potential, rendered incapable of reaching his greatest level of prosperity because he did not have the freedom to do so.


  1. Kassie,

    Hi, I just found out about your blog and videos; I like 'em! If I may, I wanted to point out one, minor faux pas in the second paragraph of this essay. The word, transposed', was used when I believe that 'transpired' would have been the proper choice.

    To transpose means basically to shuffle, to change the order of things. Most folks wouldn't know this, since transpose isn't that common a word. I only know about it because, as a teenager and young man, I played around with codes and ciphers. You have two main types of ciphers: substitution and transposition; every cipher is one or the other.

    A substitution cipher is what we're most familiar with; we all probably played with simple substitution ciphers as kids (a=1, b=2, etc.). A transposition cipher retains all the letters in the original message, but it CHANGES THEIR ORDER so as to become unintelligible to all but the intended recipient.

    Anyway, transpire was the word that would have been appropriate. Transpire means to occur, to take place. This is an easy mistake to make, because transpose isn't a commonly used word; if not for my background, I wouldn't know what it meant. I just thought you'd like to know...

    I found out about you because another men's blogger posted your video, "Feminist Lies". I liked what I saw, so I watched some other videos of yours; in fact, I posted your "Degeneracy & State" video on my blog. You make me wish I were young man again! You're a fine, young LADY, and if America had a million or two women like you, the country would be a better place. With that, I shall wish you a nice day...


  2. Outstanding, Kassie!!!


    - benignbullet