Tuesday, August 4, 2009

History of Planned Parenthood.

Our tax dollars are going to an organization whose founders taught Hitler how to best eliminate the Jews, whose founders believed only the white, elite, and upper class should be able to reproduce, whose founders were united in their belief all other races should be killed or sterilized. Planned Parenthood was created solely for these purposes and specifically for the purpose of wiping the black population off the face of the earth. Yet it is THIS organization our government has chosen to give one million dollars of your money to ...every single day.

This is what our government calls a job well done. This is what 350 million dollars of our tax money funds every year.

Below are all quotes, articles written by, or info about Planned Parenthood founders:

The Founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was a large supporter of the Klu Klux Klan. In her autobiography she wrote about speaking at a Klu Klux Klan rally in Silverlake NJ. In it bragged about their support and being asked by 12 other chapters to speak at their events.

Francis Galton founder of Eugenics On the subject of the emancipation of Slaves:
“I do not join in the belief African is our equal in brain or heart. If we can possess ourselves of his services by any fair means (meaning if we acquire them by paying for them, not stealing them from another master), we have an equal right to utilize them to our advantage” – Francis Galton from his Times article “Negros and Slave Trade” Francis Galton was also a cousin to Charles Darwin who inspired much of his basic philosophiy

Margaret Sanger, Founder of the Birth Control League, The Birth control Review and Planned Parenthood on allowing blacks into society:
“We are paying for and even submitting to the dictates of an ever increasing unceasingly spawning class of humans who never should have been born at all” – Margaret Sanger 1922

In his article “Quality not Quantity” Rev Gordon Long of the Birth Control Review wrote those who are poor or black have no reason to live. Only the Elite, white, and upper class members of society were capable of having a life of any meaning or use.

The Birth control League believed The Laws of Nature require the obliteration of the unfit; and human life is valuable ONLY when it is of use to the community or elite race. The Birth control league believed if only society would submit to them, the “feeble minded” “unfit” and ”poor” could be breaded out in a mere 3 generations!

After Hitler’s Nazi regime words like “population control”, and “eugenics” were no longer seen as politically correct.. Margaret Sanger was even quoted as saying the more enlightened people are “catching on” to their true agenda. So in 1942 their name was changed to Planned Parenthood, and the group began to substitute phrases like “breed out the black race” with “help the black race” it is still the same organization, same agenda, same people, the same goal:
Wipe out the black population, a race that should have never been born in the first place.

Half of all black children conceived in this country are aborted… meaning HALF of all black children will never see the light of day. Do you really think that is an accident? Planned Parenthood targets black neighborhoods, accepts donations intended solely for the killing of black babies, targets black women in advertising TO THIS DAY, and is the same organization that sterilized black women against their will as recent as 30 years ago. The Black women of this country have allowed themselves to become a statistic. Planned Parenthood was founded with the intent of creating a mass suicide within the black race; and they have more than succeeded.

Where is the public outrage? The indignation at our government’s AUDACITY to fund such a perverse organization using OUR money? Since Roe V Wade in 1973 this organization has helped to perform over 50 million abortions in our country alone. Even if you are a supporter of a “woman’s right to choose” there is no reason for our money to go to the funding of it, if a woman wants to kill her child It is not much to ask that she scrape up the 300 bucks required to do so on her own.



  1. Actually- it was not Sanger who said this- but Eugenics Founder, Madison Grant in his book - The Passing of the Great Race. ( "The Laws of Nature require the obliteration of the unfit; and human life is valuable ONLY when it is of use to the community or elite race." ) Abortion kills 5 times as many black babies as white ones and 37% of blacks abort, not 50%. That being said- you are correct that it targets African Americans. To learn and see actual documentation regarding this subject- watch the 2 hour documentary called: Maafa21. You can order it for $20.00 here: www.maafa21.com

  2. Kassie,

    Those abortion pics are HORRIFIC & GHASTLY! How can anyone be in favor of something like that? How could anyone work in the abortion business?! Do they not have a conscience? I'll quit while I'm ahead here.

    BTW, I LOVE your videos; they're great! It's nice to see that there are smart, down to Earth young ladies like you out there. Too bad there aren't tens of millions more like you in America today; it was gals like you who helped make the country great...

    My only hope and prayer for you is that you find a gentleman worthy of you; I can't say that about many women today, but I can say that about you. Though I'm no longer inclined to surrender my seat in the lifeboat for your modern, 'Sex and the City' skank (why would any man do such a thing?!), I'd make an exception for you. Have a nice day now...


  3. Love your blog, keep up the message.