Friday, September 11, 2009

5 Steps to Waking Up

The 5 steps to waking up to the New World Order, their staged terrorist attacks (ie 9-11), and the elitist bankers behind the Federal Reserve KILLING the US dollar. You cant be this stupid on accident. these things just don’t "happen" there are forces behind them, buildings don’t blow themselves up, and societies don’t accidentally sink further and further into the depths of communism and socialism.

5 steps to waking up #1: Annoyance, perhaps even laughter, what is this kid talking about... "conspiracy" "North American union" bldg 7?" pft partake in much mocking scoffing. & with a snide very reasonable sounding voice say your snide very reasonable sounding remarks

5 steps to waking up: #2: Anger, you tell the person trying to wake you up they are "unpatriotic" and distracting from the real enemy

5 steps to waking up: #3: Shock confusion & disbelief, you realize that wacky new world order truther bastard was right!

5 steps to waking up #4: Kiiiiinda embarrassed, being a republican was a big party of your identity, you realize you were conned by the very people you supported and cheered (& now u have a list of truthers you owe an apology to) yikes .. not fun!

5 Steps to waking up step #5: Cut your losses and get OUT of the 2 party paradigm yes this is what i looked like when I realized I had been conned by the Republican Party... I was sad for a day and I got over it! ok... YOU CAN TOO!!!

See look I am happy now... the truth will set you free!
Face the lies that took us into the Iraq war

Do you think this is a JOKE!? Bush supporters, military, republicans, democrats and neocons, you were conned, we were all conned, 9/11 was an inside job. America is in grave danger. You deserve to know the truth

Barack Hussein Obama: Promoter of the military industrial complex, promoter of money into the pockets of offshore bankers, promoter of a plan to demolish US sovereignty and reduce the worlds population through abortion, forced abortion, eugenics, and Government sponsored poisoning

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." -Adolph Hitler

"Naturally the common people don't want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." -Herman Goering at the Nuremburg Trials

We have the disgusting homosexual pedophile Barney Frank who sold out our Country with a 700 billion dollar bailout, the maniacal baby killer Obama (who is also a closet sodomite) who has taken us 23 trillion dollars into debt all while spreading unjust wars and lies- & the evil forces behind them: Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commision, Ben Bernanke, Paulson, Cox, Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan & Monsanto, otherwise known as the global elites.

You cant be this stupid on accident. These things just don’t "happen" there are forces behind them, buildings don’t blow themselves up, and societies don’t accidentally sink further and further into the depths of communism and socialism.

OUR KIDS ARE IDIOTS no wonder Obama told our kids to stay in school. dumbass school system = dumbass kids. (dumbasses don’t oppose tyranny.)

You can’t be this stupid on accident. it is not too much to ask that our president not have a cocaine problem or have sexual relations with other men in the back of limos, but apparently, in America, its "no big deal" oh and the fact US presidents partake in SATANIC WORSHIP!!!, is "no big deal" in America either.

If it takes One day, one year, 20 years, we will not be silenced.

The above men are responsible for killing the US dollar as well as mass genocide of our fellow man.

Wake up! The government lies!
Rise up and recognize before it is too late.

Ask questions demand answers


  1. How can Obama be a promoter of the military/industrial complex if he and the Democrats are cutting the defense budget?

  2. Kassie,

    I just watched your latest video (the one in which you featured an excerpt of a previous video you'd made), and, as usual, I liked it. I thought that the hat was a cute touch!

    As for voting, I'll go a step farther: not only should women not vote; not all MEN should either! If you think about it, we have a lot of morons of both sexes deciding things that they have no business deciding. You go into this in your video, "We Are Not a Democracy". People, as a whole, are stupid!

    What should the criteria be for those who do vote? I don't know. In the past, only property owners could vote. That begs the question: would that only mean people who no longer have a mortgage, since mortgage holders do not TECHNICALLY own their properties?

    I'd love to say more, but I have to sign off. I need to shower up, get to bed, and spend time with my cat...


  3. Kassie,

    Oh where to start. Okay, consider the following a possible working hypothesis. Experiment with it, if you want, or not.

    The process of 'waking up' that you described, is an ongoing process. Sorta like climbing a mountain, you reach a new plateau, you find new absolute truths, and new beliefs, and if you are a true searcher for truth, then you will find a new group of 'truthers' whom you will at first ridicule and ignore, and in time (depending on the sincerity of your search), enquire into, and then you may find yourself at a new 'awakening'.

    The truth searcher for truth, shall experience many awakenings in their life; those who are less than courageous, will experience one or maybe a few; and then at some point, will stop climbing the mountain and settle in a little niche.

    Anyway, those were simply my thoughts, if they make any sense, take them along on your journey, and if not. Thats okay too.

    If you are interested in going deeper, into root causes, as opposed to symptoms.

    Let me first explain, and enquire for yourself, the truth or not, of the statements:

    The exisential anxiety experienced by many young people, is the 'matrix' factor, they know there is something they can feel, but nobody talks much about it... but it affects their future, and thier future is not the BS.. their parents or advertising tell them it is going to be...

    So, I am going to give you my view of 'the problem'... and subsequent, a process of how to deal with the problem. Notice, not 'the solution' but a process, a process known as 'practicing radical honesty'.. a process which helps to let the steam of the anger off, so that the anger, does not overwhelm you and thereby take over your thinking, and actions, because you are driven by it... when the anger is released, you can act impartialy... you can be balanced, in a world fast spinning out of balance..

    The 'problem': A world in denial about Population Policy Common Sense: Exponential Functions and the Laws of Sustainability (PDF)

    The Process: Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract PDF (excerpt from Practicing Radical Honesty (PDF))