Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Warning to America

I was 23 years old when I woke up, until that moment, I existed in a half state of consciousness, I had spent every moment until that point as a walking zombie. Do I wish I could climb out of the rabbit hole? or that I had never ventured into its depths? no. It was in becoming awake I realized the bible, Jesus Christ, the word of God were the only absolute truths that exist upon this earth. It was when I became awake that I was able to understand for the first time what evil was. I could see evil all around me, the newscasters, the billboards, the movies, everything that had seemed so normal before was now cast under a demonic light, for the first time in my life I was capable of discernment.

I am writing this as a warning to the world. The Christian resistance to the New world Order is the only true form of resistance against this demonic force. We are witnessing the biblical prophecies coming to pass before our very eyes. Upon waking up, my first response was to be made aware of how true the word of God is, was, and always will be. There was an urgency to get right with God that I had never felt before, as I realized we will indeed all meet him one day soon, be it 5 years from now, or 50. I wish this message could be more positive, but in fact there will be a tribulation against us, and we will lose, the evil forces will defeat us, and the world as it exists, will be destroyed. It is only upon the return of Jesus Christ that ultimately the evil which reigns over this earth will meet its destruction. On November 4th 2008, I saw a man who encompasses all that I deem evil, elected as president of the United States. I knew something was wrong; I just couldn’t put my finger on it. There are many out there today, who right now may feel the uneasiness I felt then.
Troops are dying over seas fighting a war against “terrorism”. Over one million Iraqis are dead, and millions more displaced and made refugees of war, streaming into places like Syria and Lebanon. There was outrage on September 11th 2001, when nearly 3,000 American lives were lost due to the attacks upon the world trade center, yet over 3,000 children are killed every day in the United States at the will of their own mothers in the comfort of a doctor’s office with pleasant piano music tinkling in the background. Death is everywhere around us, there is nothing I can do to stop it, no matter how loud I scream or how hard I fight against it, no matter how many attempts at public awareness to the atrocities against humanity. There is no justice in this country, I can not call to report a woman planning to kill her unborn child, instead the money we pay in federal taxes is used to ensure the continuation and perpetuation of this practice. The amount, over one million dollars a day.
I had no idea why no matter who was in office the morality in our country seemed to shrivel like a dead leaf, I had no idea why no matter who was in office our country continued to sink further and further into the depths of communism and socialism. However, I have now become aware. What I found upon a single summer of intense study into the inner workings of our government revealed a truth more horrifying than anything I could have imagined. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea how bad. I knew there was evil, but I had no idea how evil. I had no idea we were so far down the line, I had no idea it was so dark. America, there is a plan in motion; a plan gaining fervent momentum to form a one world government, its name is The New World Order. The concept of a small group of Elitists and international bankers executing a plan hundreds of years old to enslave humanity seems inconceivable; I almost do not blame those who do not believe. The facts, the plans, the documents, the memoirs, the voiced intentions are there. As unbelievable, or inconceivable as it may seem, there is no doubt, no evidence in contradiction: a New World Order does exist. I beg you to take my heed, take my warning, take no day for granted. Become as familiar and knowledgeable about the New World Order and their plans as you possibly can, weep for the loss of your nation, and never look back.
"Be Afflicted, and mourn, and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness." -James 2 4:9


  1. yes... This is a CHOICE land. Through the help of GOD himself, the founding fathers established this land of freedom and happiness. In the scriptures, we learn that as long as we rely on our Heavenly Father... as long as we are a righteous people putting GOD first and rely on HIM for everything ( especially the leaders of this Country).. then we need not fear because the LORD is on our side. BUT in fact... we are slowly but surely becoming like the wicked people in the Book of Mormon who were slow to obey the Lord their God. We see the DESTRUCTION that became upon those people. I fear that this will eventually happen to the United States of America... When we start hating the very Being who created us.... when we start thinking ignorantly that we don't need Him.... God CAN NOT protect us. He is a just God... yes, He loves us... but just like in days of old in the scriptures... He can NOT help or protect us if we are doing evil. He said " I the lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do NOT what I say, ye have NO PROMISE." We see evil all around us... luckily there are still good christians that walk the face of this blessed country. Along with all the other idiodic things we have done as a people, I believe we showed our stupidity even more as a people by electing Obama as president of the United States. It is times like THESE when we need to put GOD first... NOT take him out. I fear America is in jeapordy.

  2. Kassie,

    I found out about your videos via a men's blog I read. I've liked you ever since I saw you. Anyway, as one who has some experience with public speaking (former Bible College student who did some preaching), I'd like to share what worked for me...

    I was never one for scripts, because they are too rigid; they don't allow one to be extemporaneous; scripts don't allow one to lend the air of extemporaneity. In other words, they don't allow one to be NATURAL. For you, losing your natural style would be disastrous! It's your style that attracted me, and it's your style that keeps me coming back. So, how does one improve upon that?

    What I always did was make a rough OUTLINE of what I wanted to say; I would list my major points, along with any facts, stories, illustrations, etc. to buttress said points. IOW, an outline is like a memory jogger for me. Then, I'd go through my points, while talking to my audience as I normally would. When I was coming up to the end of one point, I'd look down, make sure I was ready to deliver the next one, then go on.

    Because the preaching I did was on the church bus, I had to keep my notes compact. For me, 3x5 cards worked wondrously! Sure, they're low tech, but they work. They're also cheap; for a buck or so, you can get a pack of 100 of 'em.

    For example, if I were going to share my observations of South Florida, where my brother lives, and I were going to make a speech or video about it, my outline might look something like this:

    I) Intro
    A) Not from South FL
    B) My brother is
    C) Observations during visits there
    1) Can tell you about West Palm Beach, FLL, and MIA

    II) Characteristics of South FL
    A) Suburban sprawl on steroids!
    1) List reasons why this is
    B) Housing expensive
    1) snowbirds moving there
    2) Europeans moving there too
    a) Strong Euro makes FL real estate cheap for them

    This isn't the whole outline; this was just a part of it. It was based on a post I wrote, and I used this to write that post. You don't have to follow this exact format, but an outline would help. That way, you cover all your major points; you cover them in order; and, nothing is forgotten. You can make sure you get any pertinent facts or illustrations included, so folks will take you more seriously. Finally, the great thing about an outline is that it still allows you to be natural; it allows you to preserve what is best about you: your style. If you ever lost your sweet, sexy, smart, yet delightfully quirky way of saying things, I would no longer be a fan.

    I hope this helps. I think you're wonderful! If I weren't twice your age, I'd make a play for you; I'm serious! If America had a few million more gals like you, we'd be a lot better off. Have a great day!


  3. Oh-My-FUCK, you are so GOD DAMN stupid! You honestly think that what you're saying actually makes sense!?

    1. You say you're no longer a walking zombie, yet you follow in the legions of zombies that worship a book of fairy tales written thousands of years ago about a deity who, if in existence, would halt evil in this world, yet doesn't.

    2. Your little "christian resistance" doesn't even need to exist if you believe in god because your jesus will wisp all of the pure souls into heaven anyway, according to revelations. Did you even read the fucking bible before you make this shit up? If you're so pure, according to your religion, you'll go to heaven when you die, so why are you so afraid? Why does this need to be a resistance if you'll go to heaven anyway? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

    3. So Barack Obama is evil, why? He supports free choice (abortion)? So what? What does it matter if one child, who most likely will never become anything great, or even good, to society be killed before even being birthed? He's also evil because he sends more troops? I guess you would rather us pull out now, and then let the middle east build up its forces so it may strike us at our homeland once more. Wow, you're thinking this through, aren't you? I so proud of my widdle kassie!

    4. How are we communist? If we were a communist nation we wouldn't have millions in unemployment. Fuckin' eh, THIIIIIIINK!

    5. And now all of a sudden you're a conspiracy theorist. You claim to have seen documentation, voice records, and everything else in just one summer? Wow, you must have access to some pretty high up government records, huh? Reading something off of the internet doesn't make it true. There may not be much EVIDENCE to contradict the, "New World Order" but I have yet to see any EVIDENCE that support it. Look, I even made the word EVIDENCE big for you. Evidence means proof, something you don't have for anything.

    I suggest you stop blogging, stop making videos, and just stop talking. No, scratch that. You're pretty hot, just incredibly stupid. Go make porn for me to watch, just as long as you don't talk, unless it's you asking for more.

  4. Interesting blog. What made you choose Christianity over other religions?

  5. OMG!

    You know Kassie,the more I read your blogs,the more I fall in love.
    Why can't you take the same approach with animals???
    You recognize that life begins at conception.
    Life is so precious in God's eyes that when Onan spilled his speed,God killed him.
    Why can't you proclaim with a loud voice that eating meat is wrong and evil.
    In the Garden of Eden,man and beast were friends.
    It was only after Adam and Eve sinned that the relationship between man and beast changed.
    God cursed everything,and that is why God gave meat for people to eat.
    It is a representation of our relationship before God too.
    In the Garden man and God were friends,after the fall of man,man fears God,just like animals fear us.
    We should live off of life like plants,fruits, and grains, and not on death like meat.
    I am so happy I found you on YouTube.
    I pray that God will find a way for us to meet each other some day.

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