Thursday, January 13, 2011


Days are to be lived alone
A Phoenix flying on her own
All emotions left my eyes
through the heavens, I will fly

You could cross seven seas
yet from you I would turn to flee
Your plans are sure to go ary
for Like a Phoenix, I will fly

Forget the sugar and the spice
Ive become the Queen of Ice
Though your words may flow like art
Nothing will ever melt my heart
To not want or not care
is to feel as light as air

All I wanted was to be loved
wrapped in your embracing hug
My dream of this has been denied
what one cant have, theyd best despise.
No more weak to loves highs
like a phoenix, I will fly

My heart has turned to ice so fierce
My heart you will never pierce
The world is mine to call my own
Escape from all the pain Ive known
To know charm is to know lies
I prefer open skies

I rise from ashes of shattered dreams
Things are never as they seem
A survivor, yes. But Unscathed no
This pain I wish Id never known

My heart first frozen and then closed
dreams of love have been disposed
If all is fair in love and war
I do not want love any more

The pain of love is akin
to sharpend blades piercing skin
never again will I try
To be alone, is to not cry
Like a Phoenix I will fly

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