Thursday, January 13, 2011

Property of the State....Who Cares!?!?

My drivers license has officially been suspended. This is due to about 3 years worth of accumulated statist garbage tickets that I have failed to legitimize by paying (I will pay it soon and my drivers license should be restored shortly). Who does the state think they are to tell me whether I can or can not drive? Im the one that pays taxes to build the road I drive on. And why do I have to register my car with the state? I hate this, I hate slavery: This is slavery. It is my road that I pay for, so long as I am not violating someone else’s personal space I should be able to drive however I want to. People are so stupid they accept and LOVE their servitude, we are supposed to THANK the police officers as they write us tickets, we are supposed to THANK the state as they steal money from our pay check.

If I have to register my car with the state of Virginia simply to drive it, then it is NOT MY CAR. I simply paid a fellow slave $600 worth of federal reserve notes in order to buy my chevy lumina, but I don’t actually own it. If I were to choose not to pay the registration fee, I would be locked in a cage like an animal. Why would I register something with the state of Virginia if I owned it? If I have to register my car with the state of Virginia, then Virginia owns my car. Virginia is just gracious enough to let me use it, so I can drive to work, in order to provide the state with 25% of my paycheck so they can pay for the pad the police officer uses to write me tickets on. We are paying people to steal our money.

Why does no one seem to care? Why does no one stand for principle? why does no one care about the freedom, liberty, and justice this country was founded on!? This country is filled with a bunch of fat slobs too preoccupied with sex and beer to care about anything like righteousness, like freedom…who cares about these things when we can watch the real housewives of orange county?

And if you say anything even remotely intelligent or blatantly obvious, your fellow slaves are trained to call you “negative” or ”judgmental” Who cares that money is taken from my paycheck every month so that my government can fund a military machine that blows up brown people over seas and harasses people who are simply trying to get from point A to point B on the road!? hehe no biggie!

HA and what is HILARIOUS. Is that I am often told to “get a life” by pseudo intellectual losers who have never left their home town or read an actual book ( and no twilight & Harry Potter don’t count) yes, these are the people telling ME to get a life! I lead one of the most exciting and interesting lives I know of. And some reality tv obsessed loser with a car filled with mcdonalds hamburger wrappers is telling ME to get a life!?! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING overseas, we are being robbed and our currency is about to reach the value of toilet paper. Do you not realize these are the things you are SUPPOSED to care about, NOT a mosque, NOT kardasian sluts, NOT twilight.

The sheep Just keep popping their Prozac, and drinking their fluoridated water and pretend like everything is ok. if something doesn’t affect their life directly they just don’t care, As long as THEY don’t lose their job, as long as THEY can still pay the bills, as long as THEIR family members are not unjustly killed in a war, then they don’t care. A selfish narcissistic society is one that cares the least about the death and destruction that happens to others. How backwards is our society when the ones who love others enough to care are the ones called “hateful” just go back to sleep.



  1. YOU are hilarious, Kassie. You are a joke. The people who do take you seriously are brain-washed, bible-thumping bigots. Like yourself. I don't have anything against somebody who practises their faith quietly- but you, Dill, are an obnoxious, disgusting piece of garbage put onto this earth to entertain the sane ones.

    You are ignorant, prejudice, hateful of those who disagree with your opinions which are not based on fact, most of the time. Your videos lack any intellect or research. Sounds like you were raised by Hitler and George Bush. You wave guns around and tell people to kill themselves if they disagree with what you say, yet you are "pro-life". You believe that women shouldn't have the right to vote or express their opinions yet here YOU are, right?

    HA. You are a joke.

  2. Fuck you CUNT! Please leave this country and live someplace that is better if you don't like the military you self-righteous whore. Your videos show how transparent you are, you have not real conviction or substance to your arugments or you wouldn't have to keep looking at some fucking talking points you found on the internet. You have no original thought in your goddam brain. Your bible isn't worthy to wipe the ass of the marines and soldiers that wake up everyday to keep you from getting raped and murdered by the animals that you purport to defend. Oh, and I am not hiding behind a keyboard... email me, call me, meet me.

  3. Your beliefs make me laugh. It must be nice being surrounded in a world of stupidity.

  4. Be responsible, get a job, quit breaking the law and pay your debts... in other words...grow up.

  5. Are you saying we shouldn't have traffic laws at ALL? Like you shouldn't have to stop at red lights or yield to oncoming traffic or have a speed limit? That there shouldn't be an age one has to be in order to get behind the wheel? That's what I got from the "who are they to tell me I can or can not drive" statement. The rest I can at least understand even if I don't necessarily agree. But as the mother of an 18 month old, driving on streets where everyone can do what they want sounds horrible and terrifying. I mean, suspending a license for ridiculous parking tickets is one. Taking a license away from someone who drives carelessly over and over again makes me feel relieved. I have a stepbrother who has crashed his cars 9 times (in 4 years), his motorcycle 3 times (in 3 weeks), has a DUI, and has severely injured and almost killed multiple people with his carelessness. I can't even imagine putting my son in the car and driving, knowing anyone could drive however they wanted, whenever they wanted, on drugs and alcohol, with zero consequences. I might as well just throw him in front of a train.

  6. Just curious Ms. Dill... you sit here and justify being able to drive in whatever manor you wish on roads that you "paid" for, but have you thought about what you'd be driving on if you didn't pay taxes and those roads weren't made? I'm sure you'd be complaining up a storm then because it is "enslaving you" and "encroaching on your rights" when you can't make it where you are going. Not to mention, without traffic laws (which you obviously broke in order to get enough tickets to get your license taken away) people would drive in whatever way they want. What would you say when one of them hit you? Who is liable then? I bet you'd like a police officer to come help you then!
    Have you stopped to think for a moment that the bible you are following (or church for that matter - both of which are either being grossly mis-interpreted or are out of wack) also has rules? The 10 commandments are a set of rules we were given to abide by. Doesn't that mean then that you are "enslaved" by God, going off of what you've said in previous posts?

  7. Ms. Dill, I don't believe you have considered just how roads you drive on and cars you own come to be. For example, you are not prevented from owning a vehicle. But, the taxes you've paid don't let you own the streets. Even if you were to pay $50,000 a year in taxes and all your taxes were put ONLY toward producing streets, you would own a very insignificant portion of the road. Everyone pays taxes, everyone "owns" the road in that sense.

    So how do you split up an item that is owned by everyone?

    I respect your answer of "freedom" and not invading others personal space (a "do what you like as long as it doesn't affect me" opinion), but again, I don't think you've considered the magnitude of what you're suggesting. Each year there are countless car accidents, from minor to tragic ones. How do you sort out the consequences of these? Do you trust everyone will be honest that "yes, that was my car that hit that other vehicle"?

    Furthermore, do you truly believe people will genuinely not impact others if they have the freedom to do whatever they like? A person with a tendency to speed is a dangerous person to other people on the road, correct? What if that person with a tendency to speed also enjoys drinking before driving? I would imagine they should be kept off the road and denied a vehicle, but how can you track and measure who is speeding and drinking while driving, if you don't keep track of all the vehicles on the road, keeping information about the illegal driving habits of bad drivers?

    And finally, the $600 and other payments you've made. Yes, you pay taxes to pay people to take your money. But much more of your money goes to preventing your car from being stolen, to support you if someone illegally damages your vehicle, to maintain the road so your car doesn't get a flat from a shoddy road, and to install street lights, exit ramps and other elements that keep the roads navigable.

    It's a very large and complex system. Your blog post here largely ignores the intricacies of it, and focuses only on the fact that it costs you money.